10 things we’ve learnt: October

10 things we learnt while researching the October 2018 issue.

The recommended daily sodium limit for adults is no more than one teaspoon of salt. How much sodium is in those crackers?

In the post-war decades, prior to the 1960s when people started turning back to whole foods for health reasons, processed food became hugely popular because of its convenience. Law column.

When you lose weight, you can feel hungrier because levels of the fullness hormone, leptin, drop. Weight loss without willpower –escape the diet cycle.

Canned legumes count towards your daily vegetable serves. Processed foods – can they be healthy?

Planting a kumara shoot in the form of a letter ‘J’ will prevent it forming tubers too deep in the ground. The lost plot.

There is evidence certain probiotics can help with irritable bowel syndrome. How to make the most of probiotics.

Most salt in our kids’ diet comes from bread and cereals, sausages, bacon, ham and takeaway food. Salt in your kids’ day, a visual guide.

Freezing fruit and veges preserves most vitamins. Processed foods, can they be healthy?

Smoking reduces vitamin C levels in the body as more is needed to manage the free radicals that come from smoke. Guide to vitamin C.

Bacon sold in New Zealand is often made from imported pig meat but just processed here. Food for thought.

First published: Oct 2018

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